Lines And Curves

Straight lines in a room call for straight lines in furniture, rugs and

hangings. They make a room dignified and serious in appearance. Italian

Renaissance chairs and other pieces of that period, and our modern

Craftsman and Mission chairs (often hard and stiff examples of the

straight-line type of furniture, just as Bokhara, Kazan and Afghan rugs

are of the straight-line rug) are furniture of this kind. The severe

line is also produced by velvet draperies topped by straight-lined

lambrequins. A straight line is to be preferred to a weak curve. And

it is usually possible to redeem too straight and rigid an appearance

in furniture by relieving long, straight lines (as in tables) by carved

ornamentation and the application of curved lines on a secondary plane,

i. e., in parts of the legs. In general, when not too rigid, straight

lines in interior decoration stand for repose, sobriety and dignity.