Bed Room Nursery And Play Room

For the bedroom, though other colors such as green and violet, in

particular (save red, which is a poor bedroom hue) are not barred, blue

is an ideal color, expressive of repose and tranquil ease. In the

bedroom, however, as in all other rooms, the light and location must

always be considered in establishing the color note. Curtains either

make or mar a room, especially a bedroom. Bedroom curtains, whether of

expensive or cheap material, must emphasize the restful charm of the

room. If a bedroom (or other room) is plain in color, the curtains may

be either plain or figured. But it is dangerous when wall designs of

bedrooms is apt to convey a feeling of restlessness. The bedroom may be

provided with one large or several smaller rugs as a floor covering,

according to size. Plain rugs are more restful in effect, and with

plain walls and chintz often present a charming effect.