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- Curved Lines
- Curved Forms
- Colour In Houses
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- The Triangle
- The Sitting-room
- Floors And Floor-coverings
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- The Square
- Vertical Lines
- Form And Color Tip
- Final Tips
- Color

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- Proportion
- Builders' Houses
- The Diningroom
- Character In Houses
- The Law Of Appropriateness
- Kitchens
- Walls Ceilings And Floors
- Ceilings
- Draperies
- Furniture
- Lines And Curves
- The Dining Room And Work Rooms
- Some Hints Anent Period Furniture
- The Library
- Location Of The House
- Working Rooms Versus Living Rooms
- Colour With Reference To Light

Form And Color Tip

Never overemphasize one of the dimensions of height, width and
depth at the expense of one of the others. They must be

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